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How in the world are there people who think that McCown is a decent QB and can put up a 300 yard passing game in a win? Not only that, it's against a team that completely blew us out when McCown was in there. McCown couldn't even put 3 points on the scoreboard.

Haha! you are correct, someone will definitely have some explaining to do. Hey if McCown stinks up the joint, I will own it.He was in for 12 pass attempts and with an offensive line that couldn't block wind. But if only he played well, since the defense and special teams were exceptional that game.

You will be able to Gloat  if McCown has a good game sunday ....If not this thread should be alot of fun around 4pm tomorrow....He is gonna have to put up at least 27pts i think to beat Ryan and that bunch ..

I was close on the 27 pts

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