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I use to have a lot of respect for Lovie be it from afar while he coached the bears.  After this whole mess with the QB, a 1-7 record, a defense we are suppose to hang our hats on failing, I feel as if Glennon is kind of the scapegoat in all of this.  I think Lovie rides the rest of the season with josh because that’s his hand picked QB.  I think Glennon underperformed, but I also think he had us in some of the games only to have the defense blow the lead.  Now Lovie wouldn’t ever blame the defense so he blames the QB and goes back to his original plan.  At 1-7 we are out of the playoff picture and even if magic happens and we get in I don’t see us being a Cinderella story and going anywhere.  I think it’s kind of a desperation move to put josh back in because Glennon and Evans seemed to be building chemistry, now we go to josh who I don’t think threw a deep ball in his first 3 games.  We go to a journeyman QB who had 5 good games last season but was a back up everywhere else. Glennon might not be a great QB but Josh is 35.  We are putting a 35 year old QB in, in a loss season to do what exactly? I’d much rather put more tape of Glennon out there and let him play the last 8 games then put a QB who is done in 1-2 years.  But hey Lovie has a plan, if it doesn’t work it’s on him and no one else. 

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