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Glennon took a lot of sacks last year so it will hard to move him for draft picks.

Not sure I follow that logic.  Favre used to get sacked all the time and is in the conversation of best ever.  I think the fact he was able to put up the numbers he did with an obviously crappy OL, injuries to his weapons, not much of a running game, and a "questionable" offensive scheme, would only add to his value.

Glennon took more sacks in 13 games than a host of crappy Bucs' lines have given up over the last decade. He's legitimately sack-prone.

Unless his coaches drilled it into him to take a sack over throwing a dangerous pass.  Does that seem far fetched for a Schiano plan?  Ultra conservative?  So we are going to knock the guy for doing what he was coached to do?

You can come up with whatever reason you want, but we have a lot data to go back on with a lot of bad players, and none of them were this bad. The horrible line that got Chris Simms de-spleened in 2006 gave up sacks to him and Gradkowski at a significantly lower rate than what happened with Glennon this past year. Also, Freeman, under Schiano, got sacked at an exceptionally low rate the year before.

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