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If L&L don't want Glennon why should some other team?  Maybe we could get  6th or 7th for him, but I don't think any better than that.  He was the best rookie last year, but that isn't saying much.

So you are a team looking for a QB and you rather spend your expenisve draft picks on a guy that does not even have a solid rookie season? 90% of the guys in this years draft probably wont even come close to what Glennon already did in the NFL. Its not like such team have alot of options at QB left, those 10% maybe better than Glennon might already be gone once they get on the clock....not even mentioning the fact they might never be able to find their guy in the haystack of busts, should one be available.To me Glennon is worth a top10 pick. Considering its a small market and the fact we might no be interested in paying Glennon just to be our clip board holder till the end of his contract as the alternative to trading him we might have to give team some discount to make it happen now. But a team interested in Glennon will be thinking of him starting or atleast be in competition to (Flynn vs Wilson). Such team should be supposed to atleast give up a 2nd rounder for.But, if no team is interested in Glennon (which would raise the question why we should hold onto him) then we might have to take what we can get.

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