Re: Re: Spitballing another trade idea (Browns)


On draft day, if Tennessee grabs up Tunsil, and allowing us to swap Glennon and our 1st rounder for the Browns 1st rounder would make my day...They would get their starting QB plus staying in the top first round..We grab Ramsey... solidifying our backend for 2016This is where I lose yall.... Sign Hardy!!!(obviously with appropriate contract)Leaving our 2nd round pick open for whatever. I like the idea of some of the DT talent that may be  available combined with Hardy and the rest of the gang... or OT.. unless Mackensie Alexander falls which I would grab him over everyone. Everybody hates Hardy I know, but just imagine that projected defense. Makes me say Glennon who*this is just a scenario... there's a hundred different ways this off-season could go

I don't really see any of that happening. But the Browns could trade back to snag one of the QB's. They could get one in the teens I think. I am totally unimpressed with the QB's in this draft.

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