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It's coachspeak, nothing more, nothing less.  Almost every coach will show public support of a player on their team, until they're not on the team anymore.  That could be tonight for all we know.

to me coach speak is when you are evasive or say what everyone wants to hear.  I don't think this was the case at all.  This was "damage" control for angering Buc fans that felt that Manziel should have been picked.  From my understanding( I wasn't there) I heard there were Boos when the Evans pick was made at the draft party. Lovie in attempt to quell the angst came out with the statement that the Bucs never seriously considered Manziel.  All I can say is he better hope Manziel is an abysmal failure. I like Lovie, but that was definitely a Faux pas to make not only an ambiguous statement concerning Glennon but also the unnecessary remarks about Manziel.If the Bucs win a lot and have a dominating and exciting offense all will be forgotten.

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