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I wasn't sure Lovie was telling the truth until the draft played out all the way. They totally bypassed on QB that were free falling, and (reportedly) passed on offers to get something for Glennon. To me that means that they were caught flat footed in a number of spots and missed out on what they wanted (which I doubt), or are telling some majority-truth about how they see the QB position this year.Best guess, they were truly happy with Glennon during mini camp and interceding time period... enough so they think he can be coached into an acceptable option, at least in the near term. They probably feel like they can make due with him and McCown this year.Remember next year's draft is supposed to be loaded at QB. Worst case, McCown can't cut it, Glennon doesn't show any capacity to run the offense, and they pick up someone (likely on a short list they're already monitoring) they feel is the right choice. I'm pretty confident saying they didn't feel rushed into taking a QB they thought was a reach/couldn't out-value a high end position player at the top of the draft (Evans, ASJ).

Agreed. Glennons  "Future" could be just one year, but with Mccown starting in front of him and the way he played as a rookie, he deserves a look. The Bucs will get to coach him and get a good look at him this year. If they then think he is not the answer, they  can then go after one of the stud Qbs next year. Much better option then rushing into one of this questionable  group of Qbs this year.

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