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    Plenty of good stuff! Totally agree on Mike Williams. I've wanted him gone from even before his recent publicity. That to me means we need TWO good receivers added. Am I right in saying the April minicamps will be the coaches 1st opportunity to see the players in a team-organized activity?    I honestly think what players do there in action will have a lot to do with roster spots. And if you're right about the QB position, April will be HUGE for Mike Glennon as a Buccaneer. One possibility I see is if they like Glennon in action, keeping 3 QBs. Knowing McCown is 35, he's not gonna be here long...   As for relationships, while they certainly are factors for drawing players to coaches, and the reverse, they are far from the primary factor.   I am very pleased with Licht's approach to FA; like Lovie, true to his word. Plugging holes with solid, as yet unspectacular players on an upswing career-wise, and keeping the $$$sane. By plugging holes now, we will be in a great position to draft BPA for OUR schemes, without being forced to draft any particular position. 

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