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I don’t blame Revis for not wanting to take a pay cut. He knows the Bucs aren’t going to win a Super Bowl in the next three yearsHow does he KNOW this?Man, I wonder if I should just skip the next three years and wait until year four to watch?I'm curious if Revis told the other vets on the team about this? If a veteran like V Jax finds out, he may asked to be traded. Three years? And if the new FAs had KNOWN that the Bucs wouldn't be winning a SB in the next three years, they may have stayed away from the Bucs altogether.

Obviously we are doomed without the "knowledgeable, well-spoken and telegenic" Mark Dominik running the show.

That might be an entirely accurate statement though. We all know McCown isn't going to take us to a Super Bowl, and if we draft a rookie it's likely not till year 2 or 3 of his playing time that we'd have a shot (if there's enough talent on the rest of the roster). I agree it's silly to say "I know" but at this point we are miles away from winning a Super Bowl.

If Lovie can get there with Rex Grossman, he can get there with McCown

I think the NFL has changed enough even since that time that it's not possible. It's likely a Rex Grossman-type QB will never, ever get to a SB again (barring further rules changes).

wrong. Look at the 49ers and Seahawks. Great defense with efficient QB’s. Not gaudy numbers and don’t have the burden of carrying every game. Not saying that McCown is Wilson or Kay or that they're like Grossman. There is no precise formula for winning it all, but a great defense and efficient QB play Can get you there.

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