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I’m sorry, you’re argument for Revis SR is terrible. I rarely (ever?) strongly disagree with anything you’ve written, but I think your bias is coming through here.Your argument that trading a 1st and a 3rd/4th for Revis is correct, and it's the same argument PR was making for the trade. You hit on that here:

SR wrote:
Blame Dominik for overpaying Revis with a $16 million base salary, which is $6 million more than the second-highest paid cornerback, but don’t blame him for only giving up a first-rounder and a fourth-rounder. But then:

SR wrote:
But you also have to blame Smith and Licht for not giving it a try for a year and trying to make it work.How can you you claim that they didn't try and make it work when we know they tried, for months, to trade him and had multiple discussions about a renegotiation. The problem was that $16 million was an unsustainable number when it was signed. Revis deserved to be paid like the top corner in the NFL, but you know how much disparity there is at other positions between the top paid player and the rest? At QB the difference is about $1 million. At DE it's less than $3 million, and that top contract is Mario Williams well-acknowledged bloated contract. AT WR it's less than $100,000. For Revis to be paid $6 million than the next corner was insane, and his new contract is likely more reflective of market value - $2 million higher than the next corner (and $4 million less than he made last year).What you seem to be intentionally ignoring is that giving up $16 million AND two high draft picks is INSANE (he also gave that contract during a free agency period which saw CB salaries actually fall). If this was free agency, an argument could be made in defence of the salary. One, after all, was made in defence of Mario William getting the same average per year (and including guaranteed money, although Williams was not coming off an injury and DE is a higher paid position than CB). You also could make an argument for giving up those draft picks in exchange for Revis.What you CANNOT make is an argument that the salary and draft picks were anything approaching a smart decision. Maybe if Dominik had gotten a deal where our 1st was conditional on Revis being there, but taking all the risk of Revis recovering (which was far from guaranteed even with the faith they had in their doctors) AND a massive salary was unconsciable - even if the money wasn't guaranteed. It put the Bucs in the position where Revis could only eat up massive salary or be released.  Given the risk with his knee, at any point that wasn't unlikely.This is no more apparent than in their inability to trade him. If Revis was so valuable, how could no other teams be willing to send even a late-round pick the Bucs way? BLAINE GABBERT fetched a 6th rounder - Revis contract was so idiotic that one of the biggest draft busts in the NFL was worth more in trade than likely the best cornerback. You also address what would happen if Dominik stayed:

SR wrote:
Yet if Dominik were still running the team, Revis would be, too. The more years the Bucs could have gotten out of Revis’ service the better in terms of truly evaluating the trade. If Revis played four years in Tampa Bay and went to four Pro Bowls, getting a stud cornerback for four years for a first- and a fourth-round pick would have been considered to be a great trade.This seems intentionally ignorant. Dominik's job is to give the Buccaneers options and to protect their interests. What if the Bucs decided this year, with Dominik at the helm, that they wanted to trade Revis - because he wasn't fully recovering from his knee injury, because there was a new coach, because he was terrible in the locker room, or simply because they felt they could get more assets for him. They couldn't do that!  The only option the Bucs had was keep him at his current salary or release him. And Dominik walked into that with eyes open, having leverage in that he wasn't forced to make the trade. To quote Dominik's brief interview also was unfortunate. It clearly was a failed attempt at damage control that was illogical. Dominik pointed out that they could unilaterally restructure Revis' contract, which is... Idiotic. First of all, players rarely if ever refuse to restructure because they turn non-guaranteed money into guaranteed money, great for them! Second, all your doing is INCREASING an already massive cap hit into the future. Again, this trade did not need to be made for this salary. Whether that meant the 1st rounder being conditional, guaranteed money in the 1st year to lower the salary in line with what he's worth, or just not making the deal.  Dominik is rightly reviled for being a terrible GM and while I understand you are friends with him, it's getting in the way of your reporting.

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