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Wow. Well, a couple of things come to mind, my mind that is. Firstly, I'm impressed and relieved that the Bucs are not going after the over 30 crowd, at least not for big CAP dollars. Bringing in so many FA and the draft picks later on we'll need players who are willing to change and play for the future. Cool thing is the future is also NOW!As for the religious comments from Scott and multiple posters, I have no problem with men of good character coming here. Many men of good character have strong spiritual values. They have their priorities set and tend to be good leaders.It's a good thing and SHOULD have been typed about. But that's all I'M going to type about it.Great 5 Scott, I'm starting to really look forward to seeing this team on the field again soon. I am confident we will get a great player at 7 no matter who that player is. One on the QB's, probably. The Revis "deal" pissed me off for a few days but the CAP money saved is being spent so well I'm looking at it as a very good trade.......for the Bucs.

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