I am having a very difficult time conceptualizing how Lovie Smith's defense was supposed to function.  Outside leverage the corner backs,  but then have them play so far off that they literally give up every "move the sticks" route.  In or out breaking, didn't seem to matter. Very little adjustment to situation or personnel.  It really pisses me off that we spent two years totally readjusting the defensive roster trying to make that failed scheme work. How many people here were saying that it just needed more time?  3 seperate meeting rooms for the defensive backs?  The more we find out, the more crystal clear it is that he should have been fired after his disastrous first season. He was given significantly more time than his competency warranted.

+1 I'm infuriated by fans who don't watch the team often when they say he should've been given more time. It's like giving an arsonist more matches.

I said around here, but it's really not the fans. We were talking about all this stuff, there were really only a few people defending Lovie on this forum. What upsets me is how badly our media apparatus failed us. The people who cover this sport professionally should have been asking pointed questions for a very long time and pushing much harder on the "we're going to get that fixed" answers they were getting after 20+ games. They moved into the offseason not even questioning his return.  I think part of it is none of the people who cover the Buccaneers for us understand football as well as dozens of fans who post here strictly for enjoyment. The people who cover the sport for a living, and have for decades, spend shockingly little time learning the sport they cover. Rick Stroud should have a great technical understanding of schemes and philosophies. He just does not ever demonstrate more than a cursory knowledge. The few who have played the game and offer us game analysis are unfortunately not there to ask questions of the key figures at pressers. I used to believe they were all just in bed with the team and trying to protect their access. That probably has something to do with it, but I wonder if they honestly just don't know what questions they should be asking.

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