Good quotes and info. Clearly, Verner and Banks weren't fans of Lovie and I can't blame them. Really excited to see how they look in a new scheme.On another note, I'm not so sure why people think we can definitely draft BPA now. As it was before the off-season, DE is still clearly this team's biggest need. I'm not sure if people have too high of expectations for Ayers or something, but this guy is definitely not going to solve our pass rushing problems. Sure, he's a decent player, but I don't think he's much more than that. I mean, just take a look into him. The guy is already 31 and has never reached 10 sacks. Hell, before last year, he never even had 6 sacks in a season.Just not really sure why Ayers should be changing our draft plans and allow us to not take a DE early on. IMO, we NEED to take a DE with one of our first 2 picks.

I dont think anything we have done in FA has changed the fact that we're pretty desperate for DE still but I think Ayers allows us to not have to bite the bullet and reach on one of these mediocre DEs with pick number 9. Although thinking a little more about it, im not sure what other options are out there, we dont need a DT, and while i dont think these DEs are top 10 guys theyre still better value then taking a corner back. Its pretty much coming down to Stanley, one of the DEs, or in my opinion a surprise pick in Corey Coleman seeing as how Dirk is our head coach and was probably a bit scarred at the lack of options when Vjax goes down. (also Julio Jones pick worked out pretty well for Mike Smith and Dirk before)

That's fair. I would definitely be fine with taking Coleman at 9 if they don't feel there is an elite DE on the board. However, if they go in another direction in round 2 after selecting Coleman, I think that would be a mistake. Like I said, I think we need to grab a DE with one of our first 2 picks.

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