Wow SR, nice read. 

When Barimah and Moore became the starters against the Giants, we stopped allowing every pass inside 10 yards to be completed for the next 3 games vs NYG, vs Dallas, and vs Philly. There was a noticeable difference from Moore's INT on the first play of the NYG game (a slant pass), to allowing only 6 points vs Dallas and blowing out PhillyCommon denominator between Tim Jennings, Mike Jenkins, Barimah, Moore, Banks and Verner is lack of talent. Scheme and game plan was a factor as well, but pretending this group is loaded with talent is kidding yourselfGametime, the reporting was slanted towards cutting Verner and Banks all kinds of slack. Nows the time for Verner and Banks to talk? Hardly. Nows the time for them to prove they still belong in this league. I remember similar enthusiasm for Michael Clayton when Gruden got fired and Dominik gave Clayton 35 mil. It's easy to be a Homer and blame the former coach when a guy who had potential flames outI'm not saying Banks and Verner can't turn it around, but I am saying they need to work for it and be accountable, and all our Homer fans don't do them any favors by being biased towards them. There's a REASON Grimes was given 8 mil per year and Robinson was signed, and we might draft CB in round 1, and it's not because Verner and Banks are a couple gems

i can't remember if JAB and Moore were playing better, or differently, or it was on the QBs.  I do remember it didn't last long.

Isn't that the same 2 or 3 game stretch where we all got super excited because the defense was playing aggressively and looked really good?  You know, where Lovie came out and said we needed some man corners to run the defense the way he wanted to and we all went nuts over the Revis thing (again).I remember being so mad after those few games when our boys trotted out there and went back to giving receivers huge cushions and our defense went back to the crapper.  I don't give any of our dbacks credit for those few games nor do I fault any for the rest of the games.  Nobody could have looked good given the circumstances. 

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