Post count: 5954 $15m pre EDS

That doesn't include the Dietrich-Smith deal but that's about right.

It was $14,665,426 at close of business yesterday. Not sure what Dietrich-Smith's is in 2014 but need to subtract that.

Also, for whatever reason, doesn't include our resignings.  Gorrer, Casillas, Meredith, Page, Smith.  None of those contracts have been released.  We probably still are going to sign Economos right?  Either sign Lorig or someone else to play FB.  Those will likely be offset by some further cuts though.  One of the TEs Stocker or Crabtree will be cut and bring back 7-800k.  Kafka probably doesn't make it, 570k.  Etc.  So maybe it's a wash by the time we flush the garbage out of the bottom of the roster. 

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