Re: Re: Surprised?


One person died, and he intentionally walked right past countless people without firing a single shot.  I hope you don't ever wonder why you're the most harassed person on this forum. But don't worry, we have schools staging fake shootings to condition our kids into a constant state of fear over guns, so give it 10-15 years and the number of people as cowardly as you will be at a level where you guys might actually get something accomplished.

Huh? Because he was not a very good mass murderer that somehow changes the fact that he chose an assault rifle?Ugh ....Btw, I read on a pro-gun blog that something in the pictures of the gun makes experienced gun users question whether this guy knew how to properly use the weapon. I don't know if that is true, but that further illustrates the point: assault-style weapons are the weapon of choice for mass murders. People repeat what they see in the news. More of these are coming.

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