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The point is that in this situation the type of gun used didn't matter in the least. You posted a picture of an assault rifle as if to say he was only capable of doing what he did because of it.

Both those comments^^^ are just FLAT WRONG.  The type of gun does matter and I did not post the picture to say he was only capable of doing what he did because of it. I posted the picture to illustrate the point that it is not the least bit surprising that people bent on mass murder choose assault rifles and OF COURSE the choice of gun matters.  This guy did far less harm then he could've but that was due, at least in part, to the fact that his target was TSA people, not just random citizens. He rep[orderly went around asking people if they were TSA and then moved on when he received a negative response. If you don't think the type of gun matters, then why did the Sandy Hook killer use an assault rifle when many other guns were available, why did this guy pick one, why did the Santa Monica killer choose one, why did the Colorado killer choose one? The answer is simple, the weapons are, at a minimum, perceived to be the most EFFECTIVE choice when hoping to kill many people. In a perverse way, assault rifles are glamorized for their killing power, both in original advertising and in culture. That's the reason they are "attractive." Could you kill a lot of people with less firepower? Sure.  Didn't the VA Tech guy use handguns? But, that does not change the fact that assault rifles -- which serve no reasonable social purpose other than sporting uses -- are effective weapons for killing a lot of people in a densely occupied space.I didn't choose the gun, he did. I just said its not surprising.

I clearly said "in this situation". Again, this is why you're constantly mocked, these are the little games you play. Why are you mixing other incidents in with this one? IN THIS SITUATION his gun of choice didn't matter, that's just a simple fact. If it's not you'd be able to tell me how things would have worked out different had he used a handgun instead. So, go on.....

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