Re: Re: Surprised?


The only people that defend the usage of semi-automatic rifles are the same ones that lack brain cells.Most rational gun owners use a shotgun or a pistol for home defense or use a hunting rifle for hunting.  These bozos that defend the use of modern semi-automatic rifles in "hunting" or "home defense" are not exactly smart.  Before some one comes in and tells me a repeating rifle can be considered semi automatic let me remind them that a repeating rifle has a far more limited magazine than a modern semi-automatic rifle.Most Americans agree with background checks but limits on magazines is probably going to be supported by most Americans at some point as well.

Who are you to put limitations on what people can own? People lack brain cells because they have hobbies that are different than your own? An unbelievably small percentage of gun owners commit violent acts and the rules need to be changed for all? What kind of ass backwards nonsense is that?

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