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At this point the picture has gotten a tad bit clearer – The team stills needs depth at WR, LB, CB, OT and depending on how the news staff views Clayborn, Bowers, Gholston and Means could take a flyer on a DE – the other position that needs depth with potential is DT as it stands the team has McCoy, McDonald and Spence – with both Landri and Gibson gone there is no one else with any experience or upside.So for me in order of importance...OTDTWRCBLBDEAnd, of course with a stop gap player in McCown and a player in Glennon manning the QB position the team could stick true to their pre-draft smoke screens and select a QB in the first....Ultimately they have really set themselves up[ to take best player on their board through the draft which gives them options in every round.  

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