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Yeah, and some of you may call me a bandwagon fan or whatever you want to call me, but this is the only leverage I have. Jus stop supporting them all together, and then maybe, just maybe, when no more fans are left to watch this pathetic display of professional football, the Glazers will start watching their own team more and Man U. a little less.

In the past, I'd insult you and call you fair weather. But now? No judgments. Do what you need to do.I'll root for a few other teams this year but cannot bring myself to disconnect myself from the Bucs. I'll tell you one thing though. If I lived in Tampa, I would not give one cent to the Glazers and refuse to go to games unless I saw major progress. I feel for the season ticket holders who have already paid.I hope for a sale but don't see it happening. We need a Glazer ex-girlfriend to pull a tape out of her bag that shows the Glazers saying something that will force them to sell ala Sterling.

Thank you, Joe! That's what I'm trying to say. I don't "want" to not root for the Bucs because it's all I know. But I almost feel like I have no other choice, for my own health and because ownership just doesn't deserve it.

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