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Tell Me Why I Shouldn't Drop This Team and Root for Another One?

I get being ticked off.....i'm there now. I even contacted the team and cancelled my payments toward next year. But to shut down something that's been in my blood since my childhood....that ain't possible.If you can just turn off your allegiance and root for another, i'd question how much of a fan you were in the first place.

No kidding. Loser. Let me tell you, there would have been NO Buccaneer fans around by 1979 if they all had this attitude. NONE. And leading up to the 1997- 2002 successes? Well, the Dickens of the world would have been LONG gone. So go root for the Cowboys or Seahawks, BE one of those phony ass front runners we see at the games with their gear. Then go home and feel a part of that. Pfft.

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