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Well said Garv.I don't know how one just "chooses" a team to root for.  How does that process even work?Who CHOOSES to be a bucs fan?  Do you choose that in december of the 2002 season??  To me, you don't just "choose" to be a Bucs fan.  You either lived there during the expansion, or you were born into it.  That's what happened to me.  My parents birthed me in tampa and raised me in tampa, I'm 26 now and don't ever imagine not being a Bucs fan, regardless of where I move.  If you chose to be a Bucs fan for some other reason than that you live(d) in Tampa, god bless you!  I just don't know when you would choose to do that.  Maybe in '95 season, or the '97... otherwise, you're just either a sadomasochist or a bandwagoner... or I guess a foreigner who likes underdog piratesMy parents (who birthed me into this) moved to Maine and are Patriots fans now because "why not - they win all the time"  - I'm like, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?My wife is a packer fan from a wisconsin ticket-holding packer family - and asks me yesterday, "why don't you just root for the packers with me?"  I'm like "HELL no, that's too easy"  She's like, "well do you think you'll ever be a packer fan" I'm like "HELLLLL no, and neither will our son!"  She shrugs and I go back to watching my Bucs getting blown out 28-0 in the first quarterif you want to root for a team to "feel like a winner" then you need to check yourself.  I don't get that.  I don't get bandwagoning Cowboys fans, or bandwagoning steelers fans, or bandwagoning seattle fans - I mean, what gives you the "right" to think you're "one of them"... you're just a poser.  YEAH THAT'S RIGHT, MY PARENTS ARE POSERS, I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS MOM

Great post.I'm one of the rare one's who was not born in Tampa nor were my parents. I'm from the Philly area and became a fan after they beat the Eagles in the NFCCG. My dad is from the New York area so he raised me to be a fan of all New York teams and hate Philly, but I never really started watching football until 2002, when I was in 4th grade. Seeing the Bucs beat the Eagles and seeing the silence from all the Eagles fans after how confident they were was just amazing. That (and the fact that I thought the pirate ship logo was badass when I was 10) is how I became a Bucs fan. Definitely wouldn't consider myself a bandwagon though because I've been with this team ever since despite all the losing and I could never stop watching this team, no matter how bad it gets. I'm too emotionally invested into this team.

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