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A classic bandwagon fan, going from team to team when things don't go your way.

So your definition of a bandwagon fan is to be a fan who watches and cheers for the Bucs every game from 1976 through 2008 (over 30 years), and owns season tickets to the Bucs from 1978 through 2007?Ya, real bandwagon there.

CLASSIC bandwagon "fan." Rooting for the Ravens and any other team to beat the Buccaneers because Jon Gruden got fired? Hell, I didn't like that either but wouldn't become a Falcons fan over it. Fans like you are losers, the kind that lives here and shows up to games in Cowboy jerseys or any other team of the day doing well. I GET that you are a bandwagon "fan" and you've admitted as such. Own it and move on, hopefully to the Ravens message board for a week or two. Maybe the Vikings? They'll be here in ten days or so.

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