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If you have a been a Bucs fan through the Culverhouse days then I'm sure you could tolerate the Glazers firing Gruden.

Not true.  Culverhouse never did anything even close to that dumb.The worst things Culverhouse did was not signing Doug Williams, drafting Bo Jackson first overall after he already told him he wouldn't play for the Bucs, hiring Leeman Bennet, Ray Perkins and Richard Williamson, and being "left at the alter" by Bill Parcells.    Those are all nothing compared to firing Jon Gruden and replacing him with Raheem Morris.

LOL All bad deals for sure. Culverhouse not paying players or upgrading the Sombrero EVER leading us to YEARS of double digit losing seasons was kind of sort of bad. But nothing compared to firing Jon Gruden? You're either lying or koo koo for coacao puffs and either way a CLASSIC, and rather annoying, bandwagon "fan." No denying that. LOL

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