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I don’t think that Carolina will be able to match their success from last season and first to worst is a definite possibility. Gettleman has his hands tied behind his back due to being in cap hell and because of the unexpected success of last season’s team, he has lower than expected draft choices to build with drafting 28, 60 and 90 with his first 3 picks and a lot of holes to fill at wide receiver, defensive back and offensive line. Add to that no one is going to take the Panthers lightly this season, I think they are going to fall pretty hard.If you check the Panthers forums, the fans are all pretty much saying the same thing and of course most are blaming Gettleman who's not really the cause of the problem. Things will get a little easier in 2015 for the Panthers because of the cap increase, but they still are going to have the least amount of cap space in the division next season as well.

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