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How about Mike Holmgren as GM and Jon Gruden as HC? Seriously.

Wouldn't be my first choices, tbh.  But once I'm in rat off drowning ship mode everything will start looking better.  At least we didn't have a verified awful draft.  Evans looks like he can play.  ASJ isn't great, but there is certainly potential imo.  A lot will fall on how Sims turns out.  Looks like there might be some weight on his shoulders as soon as he is physically capable.  The linemen, who knows yet really?  Herron doesn't look good.  You have to be able to catch the football.  He is getting open though, even against the other teams worst DBs, it's still something.  I say it every time I post about this, but I'm not crazy about our general approach to the draft yet.  Also, we have a lot of watevs roster spots for an NFL franchise.  Do we have any young players undrafted or off other teams that have looked at all promising?  Damn it this was supposed to be a positive paragraph. 

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