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At least we didn't have a verified awful draft.  Evans looks like he can play.  ASJ isn't great, but there is certainly potential imo.  A lot will fall on how Sims turns out.  Looks like there might be some weight on his shoulders as soon as he is physically capable.  The linemen, who knows yet really?  Herron doesn't look good.  You have to be able to catch the football.  He is getting open though, even against the other teams worst DBs, it's still something.  I say it every time I post about this, but I'm not crazy about our general approach to the draft yet. 

What I (and others) haven't understood is the de-sync between what this team wanted to do and it's draft and free agency plans.  There seems to be almost two competing visions for the teams.  Tedford was talking about speed in space, but we got big (relatively) slow skill position players to mimic the Bears offence when Trestman talked much more like the Packers/Eagles offence.This seemed to be confirmed when it got out that Tedford didn't have that many deep plays in the playbook (which doesn't make sense with the Bucs WRs).  It's really odd.

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