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Great post.  My one question is what young QB did the Browns have that Chud should have played?

Wasn't QB specifically.  Most of it focused on playing guys like Leon McFadden at CB (who actually didn't make the team this year), younger RBs over Willis McGahee (including Bobby Rainey, who they would cut at Chud's request).  At the beginning of the season, the FO did push for Chud to consider Hoyer as the starter and felt that if they had started him over Weeden that the first two games could have been wins (Weeden literally threw away the Dolphins game with INTs).  There was some chatter that they thought if Hoyer had been better prepared to start, he may not have been put into the situation where the torn ACL happened.  Silly speculation on their part, but they felt Chud didn't listen.  I think Banner and Lombardi really wanted a coach they could push around.  I wondered if the writing was on the wall when they hired Pettine, who is very no nonsense and didn't seem like he could be pushed around.  Then there was Farmer deciding to return despite the Dolphins being very interested in him as GM.  He pulled out and basically turned away other teams.  The Bucs are rumored to be a team that inquired about him.  I think he knew early on and was clued in by Haslam.  There's some indication that Haslam really wanted to hire Farmer as the GM last year, but the NFL's push for Banner led to Lombardi.  Haslam was able to convince Farmer to come in as the assistant GM.  Personally, I think Chudzinski can be a good head coach if he has a good GM that works well with him.  There were many things he did well, but Banner seemed to really want to hammer down power.  Probably because he lost so much when he was in Philly with Reid.  It took an active owner that cared and had a nose for success at the core of it.  We Browns fans have dealt with an absent owner that cared a lot more about running and watching a soccer team than the football team he inherited from his dad.  I think any real passion the Glazer boys had died after the Super Bowl.  That gave them the chance to leverage the franchise value and buy out Man U.  Then they could pursue their real passion and they cut corners with the Bucs as much as they could to finance it.I'd like to be wrong because I wish the Bucs no ill will, but I felt for a long time that nothing would change for the Browns as long as Randy Lerner was in charge.  I think the same of the Bucs.  As long as the Glazer boys own the team there may be a few blips on the radar (the Browns did have a playoff berth and a second winning season under Lerner), but the long term prognosis isn't good because the dysfunction runs down through the organization from the top.  Now if Derrick Brooks could lead an ownership group and find a way to buy the Bucs, I think the ship would get righted.  That would be a wonderful things for the Bucs.

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