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No offense you guys screwed Chud, he set you guys up to even be decent today.  First time Pettine loses 3 games in a row he'll probably get fired and Hoyer will probably get traded right before the GM gets fired.

We didn't screw him nor did Haslam.  Haslam gave Banner what he wanted when he allowed him to be fired and basically used that as the rope to hang Banner with.  Chud wasn't given a fair shake and did help set things up - of course so did Banner to a point.  He was wise enough to trade Richardson.  Of course, Farmer also set us up by trading back a few spots and picking up the Bills' #1 pick in 2015  to do it while also moving around to create other future assets as well.  Pettine was smart to take the Browns job because of perception.  Haslam has said that the new coach will get a much longer shake because that's how you break that perception.  And, to be honest, I'm not sure the Browns will lose three in a row.  They could, but the schedule is not a tough one.  They could defeat everyone on their schedule.  Not saying that they will, but I don't look at the schedule and think "never gonna happen" to any team on it.  There's no Seattle or Denver or San Diego, etc on that schedule.  Indy and Cincy are the two best teams and they both have flaws.  I look at Pettine as the real deal and have liked him since they hired him.  I liked Chudzinski, but Pettine can motivate and get players to buy in in a way that Chud could not.  Pettine is much better at holding players accountable and is a big believer in film breakdown and working with players to fix problems.  Same goes for Farmer.  He was incredible in the draft, working the phones, and having a great eye for players.  Some will come along later like Pierre Desir while others like Bitonio are contributing now and Gilbert looks to have begun turning the corner.  If they can get Terrence West right, they will have an incredible three headed monster at RB with Tate, Crowell, and West.  I like Haslam as well.  It beats what we had before.  A guy who never wanted to talk to the fanbase or the press.  A guy who often wasn't at games.  Haslam may come off as a schmuck, but the guy has passion and a deep desire for his team to succeed.  That beats an owner that cares much more about the soccer club he's running any day.

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