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I say keep firing until someone actually takes the job seriously and wins.Same with the qb position.Why be scared of it? We're one of the top three worst teams in the nfl, ...does it really matter?Lovie and glennon can win or stfu.

Well it matters in that it usually takes a couple of years for a coach to be able to put his team together.  I get the desire to kick the door down on Lovie, especially after the Schiano and Morris' disasters, but at some point fans have to ask themselves - when do you give a coach more time? For badly talented teams - like the Bucs have been since cleaning house under Dominik - there are no quick fixes. There is no coach who is going to come in here and win consistently until there is more talent on this team.Even Pettine's success right now is largely because of the structure in place beforehand. 

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