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If I’ve missed your point, correct me, buf it it’s that the point that the Browns finally figured it out – now way.The Browns were 3-2 and looking good last year as well.  So far, they've played an easy schedule, playing the Steelers twice, the Ravens, the Saints, and the Titans.  The Saints and the Ravens were the two competive teams they played losing/winning each game by 2 points. And they're going to look better - they have the Jaguars, Raiders, and Bucs the next 3 weeks.  They should win all 3 games. The real test comes on the backend of their schedule.The Browns will be improved over last year, if for no other reason than they have improved QB play.  It's no coincidence that the 2013 Browns took a nosedive after Hoyer was injured in Week 5.But arguing that a repeatedly botched hiring process is the reason is 3-2 is nonsensical.  There's no causual link, and it's not even clear yet if the Browns are that good.

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