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October 22, 2012: Mike Holmgren "retires" as team president. He had about $16 million left on his contract. December 31, 2012: Browns fire head coach Pat Shurmer and general manager Tom Heckert. Shurmer had approximately $4 million left on his contract. We can guess Heckert was owed somewhere between $2-4 million. January 11, 2013: Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as head coach. January 18, 2013: Browns hire Michael Lombardi as general manager. December 29, 2013: Browns fire head coach Rob Chudzinski. Chudzinski had $10.5 million left on his contract. January 24, 2014: Browns hire Mike Pettine as head coach. February 11, 2014: Browns fire general manager Michael Lombardi and promote Ray Farmer to that position. We can guess Lombardi was due at least $5 million. October 13, 2014: Browns have a 3-2 record and generally look better than they have in a decade.

So you're saying there is a chance, a slim one, that the Browns could fire Lovie for us? Cuz while I like your thinking, I highly doubt the Glazer boys are smart enough to walk away from this train wreck coach for at least another year.... but I'd love to be wrong. :D

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