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NOV 11 8:40PMEST  DOLPHINSNOV 17 1:00PMEST  FALCONSNOV 24 1:00PMEST  AT  LIONSDEC 1 1:00PMEST    AT  PANTHERSDEC 8 1:00PMEST    BILLSDEC 15 1:00PMEST  49ERSDEC 22 1:00PMEST  AT  RAMSDEC 29 1:00PMEST  AT  SAINTSI see two possible wins, the Bills at home and the final game at the Saints.

Is Schiano still the head coach?If Yes: I see 0 wins.If No: I see 4 possible wins (vs Atlanta, at Detroit, vs Buffalo, at St. Louis) - the Saints would be a wild card, pending on their playoff status.