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A few things I think are pertinent.Schiano didn't build a scheme around his talent, he ran his scheme.  Wright isn't flourishing, he has 10 catches in 6 games.  When considering banks, do some research on a guy named charles Tillman.Did lovie have personnel control in Chicago?We got a lot of issues, but at least be honest or informed.

I'll debate this a bit.I vividly remember a post season interview Schiano did with booger and Steve White. They grilled him on the stunts of course. He expressed that his desire was to simply rush the front 4. But after evaluating the talent realized he could never get pressure that way. So he installed the stunts to stop the run and added the run blitz to put pressure on the QB. It was a great interview, very candid. He was candid enough to throw our DE's under the bus, which was justified.

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