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Barron is ok if you Kam Chancellor with him but the problem is he is our "coverage" safety. That's not good. Banks has been horrid this year. I think he is the lowest rated CB in the league. He was ok last year but nothing great. He is the sort of element that if you want to build a scheme he doesn't stop you from building. A guy like GMC does stop a scheme change - he is utterly wasted in a 2 gap scheme for example. I think that is e only thing I see is that the best parts of this roster fit the scheme and it is the worst parts that utterly don't.

Ya I guess. But I think I am looking at the bigger picture vs. just Banks specifically. How many coaches do we go through before somebody says ok lets adapt to the roster, and not just do what I do no matter what. Again, Banks has looked bad this year. I think he is better in a man to man scheme like he was put in last year. That being said, I think he is the best corner we have right now, which is sad.

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