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A few things I think are pertinent.Schiano didn't build a scheme around his talent, he ran his scheme.  Wright isn't flourishing, he has 10 catches in 6 games.  When considering banks, do some research on a guy named charles Tillman.Did lovie have personnel control in Chicago?We got a lot of issues, but at least be honest or informed.

No, Schiano drafted David for his scheme and got the best out of Foster. His scheme focused on the strengths of our LB core. Which looked like an elite unit at one point. Now they look soft and lost. Wright, in the last three games played (where he has seen his most playing time), has 121 yards receiving and two TDs. For a 2nd TE playing with Gronk, thats pretty damn good. How is Mankins doing for us? Thats a failCharles Tilman and Jonathan Banks, I might give you some credibility here, but Tilman has been in a cover 2 his whole career and is asked to do a lot of different things. Lovie is on record as pushing for the Gaines Adams:“He’s a guy with a lot of ability,” said coach Lovie Smith. “He’s got good speed and quickness. We did a lot of research on him. We also did a lot of work on him back when he came out in the draft. He’s a young defensive lineman who’s been productive.”All I can do with this topic is speculate, but I think its a fair conclusion. You can continue to minimize all you want GT. Please dont interpret this thread as anything more than speculation, it is not intended to be fact, just opinion.I do think that your  blind faith in virtually every administration/ the FO over the past few years is admirable...just not realistic.

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