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The problem with saying, see they play in another scheme is that a lot of guys are scheme specific. You could have a 34 team not think much of David. Banks might work in another scheme but he won't work here. You can say build a scheme to fit guys but we have such a hodgepodge of players what scheme is there?That said we have a bunch of dudes up the middle like Barron, Foster and Goldson who can't cover at all. That is problematic in any scheme. Banks is awful but somehow has been elevated for his fairly mediocre play last year. I guess mediocre is better than awful. When you have that level of problem I don't really care to build a scheme, if possible, to accommodate.

I think the awful evaluation on Banks is a little too harsh. Hes a young guy who has had some inconsistent play. I know he stood up last year against a healthy Calvin Johnson. Giving up on him this early would be foolsih, IMO. I get the coverage piece. I dont really care about Goldson he sucks in general and I understand the Barron problems. But believe he is on an island most of the time, while he should be more of a box player. It is not his fault Schiano drafted him so high. He should be a solid situational player.

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