Re: Re: The Jets are 5-4,(suppose to be an 0-8 team)…


Unfortunately, the rise and fall of both NY coaches is going hurt us with our dreams of firing Schiano.  Ryan was a joke last year, had a 2009 1st round pick QB flame out and is riding a rookie QB, and it looks like he is going to be a serious candidate for coach of the year.  Coughlin is always on the verge of being fired or winning a Super Bowl.  The guy Ryan will lose to as coach of the year, Reid, looks like a guy that probably should never have been fired.  The Bucs team is talented and look like they are probably 20 horrible minutes of football from being a .500 or better team in general.  Could the Glazer's see this, and combined with being 2 years into a 5 year contract, decide to keep him hoping he is next years Ryan? I am 100% on the fire Schiano side.  Im just shocked he hasnt been fired yet, and I searching for reasons why.

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