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At least he got rid of Myron Lewis. We can always be thankful for that.

Josh Freeman as well.  They replaced him with a pretty good young quarterback in the 3rd round.  They made some excellent picks among the meh and the headscratchers.  There was just too much of the latter.  But Greg Schiano's style is really hard to pull off.  He was over the top hard ass in a league that sees some hard asses.  You gotta know what the **CENSORED** you are talking about to come out like that with grown men many of whom are long time veterans of NFL football.  He instilled discipline on his first year NFL team the way he would if he was walking into a **CENSORED**ty college team.  Oh and he set up a toxic environment for free agency for a franchise that already has a **CENSORED**ty reputation in free agency.  I don't think Greg Schiano has a lasting impact, to answer the op.  He'll be a trivia answer in 20 years for Bucs fans.  Another bad hire might have made his negatives more of a potential issue moving forward.


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