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J Dub:  Got lucky and got my man Evans.  Liked the inner person I saw on TV.  Don’t think he will go wild with partying.  He is only 21, might still be growing, certainly the body is still developingLike your idea of trading back.  My focus is on the OL.  My #1 choice is Gabe Jackson, who doesn't seem too popular.  I like size. In the middle, holding your ground or anchoring is so important to allow the QB to step forward.  Like Dozier in the 3rd also, but you have seen this approach from me before. You called it a good draft but not sexy.NFP's evaluation of Jackson;Gabe Jackson – Guard – Mississippi StateSize – 6033v – 339v – 5.20estStrong Points – Huge man, very strong and explosive, run block, pass block, uses hands, anchor, athleteWeak Points – Can look tentative in space when pulling Summation – Gabe is a fifth-year senior and a four-year starter for the Bulldogs, He lines up at left guard. He is a huge man at 6033 – 339 with good arm length (33”). Despite his size, Jackson is very athletic and moves well in space. With his size, he is not only strong but very explosive. Jackson always plays from a left handed three-point stance and has really good snap reaction. He gets to his blocks quickly and is very explosive on contact. I saw a number of run blocks where the knees of his opponent buckled when contact was made. Jackson stays low with his run blocks and keeps his feet moving. He can consistently gain ground with his run blocks. Big guys can often struggle getting to the second level. That is not the case with Jackson. He takes good angles out to linebackers and can adjust on the move. If there is a flaw in his game, it’s with pulls. He seems hesitant at times on who to hit and needs to adjust his footwork. Still, you see enough good things to know that he shouldn’t have a problem pulling in the NFL.Jackson is a very consistent pass protector. He sets quickly and has a strong punch. He can play with bend and has the quick feet to slide, recover, and mirror his opponent. With his size, power, and bend, he has excellent anchor ability and never gets pushed back. He has good posture when pass blocking and stays square to the line.Jackson is a very talented lineman. If there is a lineman other than a tackle who has a chance to be drafted in the first round this year, it's Jackson. He is the best interior lineman I have done, to date, this year. He should start for most teams as a rookie and be a productive pro.

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