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This team has a draft board and they are taking who they believe is BPA. For years this team has reached for needs and suffered for it. Everyone, enjoy a professional GM at work.

Don't give me that BPA in teh 5th if the BPA is another RB we'll take him?  Riddle me that!  No because you have to mix in some common sense.  RB?  There are going extinct.  You can get value in later rounds.  TERRIBLE pick.  Awful actually.

The kid has speed in space, the best out-of-the-backfield pass catcher in the draft, and has the ability to line up at WR. Quit being a simpleton and staring at the 'RB' and realize that this kid is a swiss army knife in a fast paced offense surrounded by behemoths. We didn't take a garden variety handoff taker. Also, I think I'll trust the judgement of a group of professionals led by a man that's been to a Super Bowl as opposed to a horde of newly evolved shit slinging neanderthals who bludgeoned keyboards with their oblong skulls until a virtual spray of feces splashed the eyes of us poor readers and gave our brains dysentery.

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