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How many NFL teams would trade us their 4th round pick right now for Charles Sims?

That is one of the most stupid f*cking hypothetical questions I have ever seen. You have no idea who would or wouldn't trade for SIms and We wouldn't do it. You are a f*cking moron. Please put down the computer and pick a book. You might gain some IQ points in the process.

It's only stupid if the answer is:  "Every team in the NFL of course.  That kid was never making it out of the 3rd round."  We selected a player at the top of the 3rd round who was going in the 4th round at best.  How hard is it to understand that if we really like the kid we could have used or at worst packaged lower picks in this draft to obtain his rights?  We drafted stupid.  We played the top of the draft stupid, but at least we got players who we could not have selected later.  This is a Najee Goode type selection. 

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