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I love it when pusssies hide behind the "well they're the GM and they know more than everyone so I'm a sheeple and believe whatever is spoon fed to me" instead of having the ballz to have an opinion.  PS  I don't have to be Mozart to know when someone screws up playing the piano or I don't have to be Tom Brady to know that a pass was thrown into triple coverage and should never have been attempted.  That leave it to the pros crap is the sign of a real weak person and/or lack of intelligence.

Thats some humorous **CENSORED** guy. Please explain to me how your "amazing balls to have an opinion " affects anything going on at One Buc. Please tell me how your constant crying on a fan message board has affected some change. You sir are the nitwit.

None of our opinions have anything to do with what's going in that place. They may read our opinions but they are the experts not the fans. Their jobs are on the line. This is our entertainment. They are going to do what they think is the best thing for the team. Many don't work out but that's the draft for you. Somebody said we were doing well until this pick why can't we get through one draft without fucking one up. Guess what that happens to all the teams. The draft is so hit or miss. I love the passion some people have for it but it's not easy to hit on all the picks. The further out of the first round the more risks you take and rarely do they make out well. This guy Sims actually seems like a good player. We could do worse.

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