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I actually think genius coaches tailor their game plan and offense/defense/STs to the personnel that is present.  It is much easier to adjust your gameplan around your pieces than vice versa(and trying to get all new players).  Does that make sense?

Not really. By that logic the draft is utterly useless and you should never try and improve any positions.

Really?  You don't understand that RB was a one position where we actually had depth?  At some point, logic has to take hold.  Our lines were pretty crappy last year.  And where did I say don't try to improve?  Holy crap we have some real reading comprehension issues today.  Wow...

Maybe you need to clarify better.  You made a blanket statement and are now trying to justify it based on previously nonexistent qualifiers.  The entire quote I took from you was about working with the current players and not improving at that position for the sake of a premeditated scheme.  So what if Sims is better talent-wise than most of our Rb corps? Regardless of scheme, we should still pass to coach up inferior players? By that logic we should never draft a guard and just coach up who we already have.

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