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You’re still not acknowledging the possibility that Sims might be a better talent than the majority of our Rbs, regardless of what scheme Tedford wants to utilize. So if he’s upgrading the position, how would that, not including the need at guard, be a negative?  Also, the college comparison is apples and oranges. The draft allows OCs to make scheme changes, especially if the current players might not be up to par. You can’t do that at the college level, specifically when a new coach inherits a team…he’s forced to adapt to what’s at his disposal or die. At least until he can bring in new recruits and reshape things then.So should we have just rolled with Murphy as a #2 wr and built an offense around his crappiness? Or gameplanned around Wright's limited strengths? At what point does a position become draftable and not workable any longer? When you say that a guard is more important? Again, by that logic, you contradict yourself by conceding that our guards can't be developed or schemed to their attributes like our Rbs should be or that sheer volume dictates strength.Not to mention your entire argument nullifies the need for Tedford in the first place. He was brought in because his offensive abilities are solid. Why would you want to make decisions that completely undermine the philosophies that have been successful and landed him in Tampa to begin with?I'm not trying to discuss guard vs Rb here. I'm trying to explain that the doctrine of building our offense around certain players just because they're already here and had a few flashes of decency comes across as lazy and illogical.  It'd be different if your view was if it ain't broke don't fix it, but by and large this offense was broken.

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