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Two teams at the top of the league ran the ball more than every other…Seattle and San Francisco.    Why?  Because they could.  Sims is a great pick for what I think Redford's going to want to do.  Sims had a 3rd / 4th round grade.  PS ... We don't have a fourth!Guards are required...  Value guards have always been in the 4th round or later, did that change while I wasn't looking?Quite possible they move up today to get a lineman they like...  Also ...  Most late round tackles are guards in the NFL.  FWIW,  I think they were targeting Billy Turner, but if you remeber , the dolphins traded up to 67 to get him (we picked 69.)Having an opinion doesn't make you right or wrong...  Definitely doesn't make everyone else's stupid, and in this case people with more information are much more likely to be right.Try saving  the meltdowns for when it doesn't work out? 

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