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I really think the Glazers want Shanahan before anyone else, with Lovie as their second choice.

You keep saying this. Do you have any reasonable proof?

Here's my line of thinking:The Glazers know they have messed up with two unproven guys and want a SB winning HC.The Glazers have, in the past, pursued huge names. Parcells, Kelly, and Turner all come to mind.The Glazers know they need to win their fanbase back with a marquee hire.Now who is available, right now, who fits that list and wants to coach?Shanahan and Billick are the top two.Holmgren and Cowher are long shots.Lovie has been there, but didn't win.It's not a long list.

Lovie is just as big a "name" as Shanny.  And after just firing a coach after a media frenzy coach/QB drama, I don't see them in any way bringing in someone else's media frenzy coach/QB drama.  He'd also, IMO, be as close to a guarantee of an instant winning season as the Glazers could ask for, with the pieces on Defense we have for him.  Shanny might not break even the first year as he tries to re-tool the offense.  Can't see Lovie having a losing season with what we have on D and a draft/FA to work with

Shanny won two SBs with a big armed QB and a great running-game. His offense isn't all that complex.Again, I'm not gunning for Shanahan. I'm just going by what I think the Glazers are thinking. Long-term, I think Lovie would be better for the team.

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