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Raiders fans: "Ain't no way we take an OT like Robert Gallery instead of Philip Rivers or Ben R. There's just no way."

not really relevant. we're not the raiders. bucs want to draft a qb more than anyone in league. Bank on it happening. Lovie sucks but its clear as day what their gonna do with our first pick

We aren't the Raiders....we are a bigger joke than the Raiders. You people are gonna be sooooooooooooo disappointed on draft day. This fan base is about to have their backs broken.

lol nah. you're just being overly radical for attention. Bucs are picking a qb 1000%. It doesn't matter how much of a joke we are...there is no d player worth the #1 pick anyways...even if there was, he wouldn't sell season tickets. A qb is the perfect energizer. Dont even know why I'm explaining this, its painfully obvious what this team wants more than anything...everyone in the league/media knows it.

Yup. Attention is my goal. Thanks for giving it to me.No. It isn't painfully obvious. I wish it were. I wish I knew for a fact that the Bucs were taking a QB. I have zero faith that Lovie, Licht, or the Glazers will make the right pick. The Bucs will take a QB in the 2015 draft, but it won't be in the 1st round.

Very slim chance what you're saying actually happens. You seem to be all hardcore about this theory, you're entitled to believe that but its not gonna happen. Lovie is terrible but even he can't screw this up.

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