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I think the confusion is the coverage v. the philosophy - I couldn't find it, but years ago there was an article where Dungy talked about the concepts of the Tampa-2 defense, and it was clear he was using it less to describe the coverage responsibilities and more as an umbrella for "spill the WILL," "under-tackles," "corners who can tackle," "turnover-focused," etc.

I remember this. I think Steve White is trying to rewrite history. As far as I can remember the Tampa 2 is the cover two zone defense that we used to play. It was the way to describe our defense as a whole, not a definition of a single coverage. If you get a chance watch St Louis' s defense from last year. It was a cover two zone and was phenomenal. We may not run all cover two zone but it still works if you have the right personnel. We are severely lacking an edge rusher to make it work right now.

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