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Most teams see roughly 65 snaps on d. Calling t2 10 times a games is roughly 15-16%. No team is going to run their base d 32-33 times a games.I also think there's a disconnect with the Tampa 2 zone and cover 2 man/zone. Tons of teams run a 2 deep safety look a vast majority of the game. In no way does that relate to running a Tampa 2 half the game. Add in the bucs have revis, its quite possible to see a lot of mixed and rolled coverages. Anyone expecting the Tampa 2 for more than 30% of most any given game just shows how little they know about playcalling or how little they know about the calls on the field. A lot of people see two deep safeties and go Tampa 2. There's so many different variables to coverage schemes, the average fan will not really know what the play call was to even have am opinion. Same goes for many of the "sports writers" who are asked to cover a lot more than just football.

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